One lucky neighbor GETS $100 in GAS every month.

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a reliable part of your world.

The best neighbors are a reliable part of your world. They will water your plants while you’re on vacation and make sure your kids are home safe from school. You can depend on them with short notice and trust them to safeguard your spare key. The ones who have lived nearby for a while are knowledgeable about the community and always willing to lend a bit of advice or a helping hand.

Phillips 66 has lived around here for a while and wants to be that kind of neighbor. Today, we provide performance gas you can count on. Our heritage has proven success in formulating fuel for optimal engine performance. You can rely on us to be around the corner with a lot of the services you need to care for your car as well as milk, batteries, slushies and Chapstick for you and your family. We also strive to support our local communities, showing up to sponsor events and connect people young and not so young in the neighborhood.

Tomorrow, we hope to have an even more genuine presence in your world. We know you need us to offer new products and services at our stations and we’re open to listening and improving. You can rely on us to remain dedicated to providing performance gas, while we strive to do much more. You can rely on us to be looking out for you. And you can rely on us to be right around the corner when you need us just like we have been for the past 80 years. You can rely on us and so can your neighbors because we are Phillips 66 and we are and always will be proud to be here.

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